Michelle Grasso

Michelle Grasso


Virtuoso Certified Travel Advisor, Ocean Cruising, Family & Celebration Travel, Continental US, Caribbean

I believe that travel is a gateway to personal growth and connectedness with our world. Experiencing the world around us broadens our horizons and perspectives, making us better people and citizens. When we travel, we gain a greater understanding and appreciation of this vast and wondrous planet, its incredible history, and its unique people and cultures. As a Virtuoso Professional Travel Advisor, I open the door to this amazing world for my clients and provide them the access to experience it for themselves.

I love to travel with my family and have visited countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, and Europe. I also love to explore unique places around the U.S.! My most memorable vacation was our family trip to Israel! I loved exploring the food and culture of many historical sites! Whether hopping on a cruise or a flight, there is no greater joy than traveling and exploring the world with those I love. I strive to bring that same joy to every adventure I plan for my clients!

I live in the Atlanta suburbs with my husband, my youngest son, and our three dogs. I also have 4 stepchildren and 14 (soon to be 16) grandchildren! When I am not traveling with my family or planning exciting vacations for my clients, I love to read, cook, and stay physically active!

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